Small World Cup

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Small World Cup

A Small World Cup brings a delightful twist to the soccer genre, thanks to Rujo Games. In this whimsical two-player game, you’ll take control of rag-doll players with a singular mission: score those hilarious, physics-defying goals! Let’s explore the gameplay intricacies:


  • Simple and Intuitive: Maneuver your rag-doll player using either the arrow keys or WASD. Precision is your ally—strategically drag your character to aim and unleash those epic shots.


Practice Mode: Master the Basics

  • Begin your journey by immersing yourself in the practice mode. Feel the physics, learn the ropes, and fine-tune your skills. Remember, timing and strategy are crucial—so practice those slams!

World Cup Mode: Rise to Glory

  • Ready to compete on the global stage? Opt for the World Cup mode. Choose your difficulty level, assemble a team (even if they’re made of floppy limbs), and set forth on your tournament adventure. Can you bring home the rag-doll trophy?

Golden Goal Mode: Precision Matters

  • Brace for excitement! Golden Goal mode adds a thrilling twist. Here’s the deal: one goal is all it takes to win and progress. But beware—your opponent hungers for that single goal too. Aim true, and victory awaits!

Tips For Scoring Goals


  • Get into the Right Areas: Position yourself near the opponent’s goal. Be aware of your surroundings and find gaps in the defense.
  • Stay Central: Being centrally positioned gives you more options for shooting angles.

Shooting Techniques:

  • Instep Drive (Laces Shot): Use the top of your foot (laces) to strike the ball. Aim for power and accuracy.
  • Sidefoot Shot: For precision, use the inside of your foot (sidefoot). It’s great for placing the ball in corners.
  • Volleys: Practice striking the ball mid-air. Volleys can surprise goalkeepers.
  • Chip Shots: When the goalkeeper rushes out, chip the ball over them.

Timing and Decision-Making:

  • Anticipate: Read the game. Anticipate where the ball will be and position yourself accordingly.
  • One-Touch Finishes: Sometimes, a quick one-touch shot catches the goalkeeper off guard.
  • Composure: Stay calm under pressure. Don’t rush your shot; take that extra split second to pick your spot.

Mind Games:

  • Deception: Look one way and shoot the other. Surprise the goalkeeper.
  • Dummies and Feints: Fake a shot or pass to confuse defenders and the goalkeeper.


  • Repetition: Practice shooting from different angles, distances, and situations.
  • Set Pieces: Work on free kicks, penalties, and corner kicks.

Get ready to laugh, strategize, and slam your way to rag-doll soccer glory in A Small World Cup!