Kanye Heardle

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Kanye Heardle

Kanye Heardle: A Musical Challenge for Fans

Are you a Kanye West fan? If so, you’re in for a treat! Kanye Heardle is a game that tests your knowledge of the rapper’s songs.

Similar to the popular Wordle game, Heardle challenges players to guess the correct song with as few tries as possible. Let’s dive into the details of how to play this addictive musical guessing game.

How to Play Kanye Heardle

1. Starting the Game

Click the “Play” button to begin. You’ll hear a one-second clip of a Kanye West song. Your task is to type in the name of the song in the provided text box. If you’re confident, go ahead and enter your answer. If you’re unsure, you can press “S.k.i.p” to hear more of the song.

2. Guessing the Song

As you make guesses, you’ll unlock additional seconds of the song. Each incorrect guess grants you an extra second of the song snippet. The snippets gradually increase in length, starting from one second and going up to a final sample of 16 seconds. If you’re stuck, use the “Skip” button to jump to the next second of the tune.

3. Song Selection and Sharing

Once you’re ready to make your guess, input the title of the song. The game will prompt you with a drop-down list of corresponding titles from which you can select the correct one. Remember that Kanye Heardle resets at midnight every day based on your timezone, so you’ll have a new track to guess each day.


    • Q: Can I play Kanye Heardle if I’m not familiar with Kanye West’s music?

A: While the game is designed for Kanye fans, anyone can give it a shot! It’s a fun way to discover some of his iconic tracks.

    • Q: Are the songs sourced from Kanye’s entire discography?

A: Yes, the unofficial fan-made Kanye Heardle features songs from Ye’s discography. However, keep in mind that the tunes are sourced from SoundCloud, so if SoundCloud is unavailable in your location, you won’t be able to participate.

    • Q: How often can I play?

A: Kanye Heardle resets daily, so you’ll have a fresh song to guess every day.

Enjoy the challenge, test your Kanye knowledge, and see how quickly you can identify those iconic beats!