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TayHeardle is the best game you’ll ever play. It’s a musical journey through Taylor Swift’s incredible discography. It combines your love for Taylor’s songs with the thrill of solving musical puzzles. It’s the perfect blend of fun and excitement!

How to Play

1. Listen to the Intro: Picture yourself starting a round. The air is charged with anticipation as you hear a tantalizing snippet of a Taylor Swift song. Pay close attention to the melody—it holds the key to your success!

2. Guess Correctly: Now, scan the list of Taylor Swift songs and select the one that aligns with the intro you just heard. If your guess is spot-on, congratulations! You’re well on your way to mastering TayHeardle.

3. Unlock More of the Intro: But what if your guess misses the mark? Fear not! Each incorrect attempt reveals additional seconds of the song’s intro. Use these musical breadcrumbs wisely to refine your guess.

4. Share Your Score: Swifties thrive on friendly competition. Aim to answer in as few tries as possible, challenge your fellow fans, and proudly share your score. Who can identify Taylor’s hits the fastest?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Skip Ahead? Absolutely! TayHeardle now boasts a “Skip” button. Use it to leap to the next second of the song instead of guessing blindly.
  • What Sections of the Song Are Used? While the game often features the song’s opening, be prepared for surprises. You might encounter other sections too!
  • When Does the Game Reset? TayHeardle resets daily at midnight. The next musical piece remains a mystery until the new day dawns.


TayHeardle transcends mere gaming—it’s a celebration of Taylor Swift’s artistry. Gather your fellow Swifties, let your musical knowledge shine, and allow the enchanting melodies to guide you toward victory.

Remember, in the realm of TayHeardle, every second matters. Are you ready to claim the title of TayHeardle champion?